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Carbon Nanotubes Thermal Radiation Coatings Features:
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are ideal thermal coatings functional filler. CNTs are one of the best thermal conductivity material known in the world today. CNTs are one-dimensional nanomaterials, large surface area, known as the world's darkest material, the radiation coefficient close to 1. Nano-fibrous CNTs are compared to other particulate Thermal Radiation filler, CNTs thermal conductivity is easier to form a network, the toughening effect is obvious to coatings

Carbon Nanotubes Thermal Radiation Coatings  Properties:
1) Thin coating; 2)  Small thermal resistance; 3) Can excite resonance effect metal radiator surface; 4) Significantly improving the far-infrared emission efficiency; 5) Accelerate quickly distribute heat from the radiator surface; 6) 
Carbon Nanotubes Thermal Radiation Coatings can be applied to copper foil, aluminum plate, LED lamp base, electrical enclosure cooling.

Film-forming resin coating: Waterborne Polyurethane
Paint dry conditions: 70-80 oc, 1-2 minutes
The thermal conductivity of the coating in the vertical direction (W / m.K): 1.5 - 1.8
Emissivity coating (%): 0.960 - 0.98
Recommended coating thickness (ìm): 5 - 10um
Coating surface resistivity: 104-106
Coating hardness: HB
Coating adhesion (level): 5B
Theoretical temperature: 150 oc
CNT content: 4wt%.
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Stock number: US9001

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