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Fullerenols & Carbon Nanotube Dispersion | Graphene and Graphene Oxide Dispersion | Metal and Oxide Dispersion
SWCNTs Doped with Ag in Water Dispersion Al2O3 in Water, Alpha, 20wt%, 30nm ATO in Water, SnO2:Sb2O3=90:10, 20wt%, 20nm
Short SWCNTs Doped with Ag in Water Dispersion Al2O3 in Ethanol, Alpha, 20wt%, 80nm-1000nm ATO in Ethanol, SnO2:Sb2O3=90:10, 20wt%, 20nm
MWCNTs Doped with Ag in Water Dispersion Al2O3 in NMP, Alpha, 20wt%, 80nm-1000nm AZO in Water, ZnO:Al2O3=98:2, 20wt%, 15nm
SWCNTs Water Dispersion Al2O3 in Mineral Oil, Alpha, 20wt%, 80nm-1000nm ITO in Water, In2O3:SnO2=90:10, 20wt%, 18nm
SWCNTs Ethanol Dispersion Al2O3 in Water, Gamma, 20wt%, 10nm ITO in Water, In2O3:SnO2=95:5, 20wt%, 18nm
SWCNTs Xylene Dispersion Al2O3 in Water, Gamma, 20wt%, 30nm ITO in Ethanol, In2O3:SnO2=90:10, 20wt%, 18nm
SWCNTs-OH Water Dispersion Al2O3 in 2-Propanol, Gamma, 10wt%, 15nm ITO in Ethanol, In2O3:SnO2=95:5, 20wt%, 18nm
SWCNTs-OH Ethanol Dispersion Al2O3 in 1, 2-Propanediol, Gamma, 20wt%,15nm ITO in Water, In2O3:SnO2=90:10, 20wt%, 20-70nm
SWCNTs-OH Xylene Dispersion Al2O3 in Ethylene Glycol, Gamma, 20wt%, 15nm ITO in Water, In2O3:SnO2=95:5, 20wt%, 20-70nm
SWCNTs-COOH Water Dispersion Al2O3 in Ethanol, Gamma, 20wt%, 5nm-80nm ITO in Ethanol, In2O3:SnO2=90:10, 20wt%, 20-70nm
SWCNTs-COOH Ethanol Dispersion Al2O3 in NMP, Gamma, 20wt%, 5nm-80nm ITO in Ethanol, In2O3:SnO2=95:5, 20wt%, 20-70nm
SWCNTs-COOH Xylene Dispersion Al2O3 in Mineral Oil, Gamma, 20wt%, 5nm-80nm Al(OH)3 in Water, 20wt%, 10nm
Short SWCNTs Water Dispersion SiO2 in Water, 25wt%, Transparent, 12nm Al(OH)3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 10nm
Short SWCNTs Ethanol Dispersion SiO2 in Water, 25wt%, 30nm BaTiO3 in Water, 20wt%, 50nm - 500nm
Short SWCNTs Xylene Dispersion SiO2 in 2-Propanol, 15wt%, 25nm BaTiO3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 50nm - 500nm
Short SWCNTs-OH Water Dispersion SiO2 in 1, 2-Propanediol, 25wt%, 25nm Bi2O3 in Water, 20wt%, 80nm
Short SWCNTs-OH Ethanol Dispersion SiO2 in Ethylene Glycol, 25wt%, 25nm Bi2O3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 80nm
Short SWCNTs-OH Xylene Dispersion SiO2 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 10nm-25um CaCO3 in Water, 40wt%, 50nm
Short SWCNTs-COOH Water Dispersion SiO2 in NMP, 20wt%, 10nm-25um CeO2 in Water, 20wt%, 30-50nm
Short SWCNTs-COOH Ethanol Dispersion SiO2 in Mineral Oil, 20wt%, 10nm-25um CeO2 in Water, 40wt%, 30-50nm
Short SWCNTs-COOH Xylene Dispersion TiO2 in Water, Rutile, 15wt%, 5-15nm CeO2 in Water, 20wt%, 10nm
CNTs Water Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm TiO2 in Water, Rutile, 15wt%, 5-30nm CeO2 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 10nm
CNTs Ethanol Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm  TiO2 in Water, Rutile, 20wt%, 30-50nm CuO in Water, 20wt%, 25-55nm
CNTs Isopropanol Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm TiO2 in Water, Rutile, 40wt%, 30nm CuO in Ethanol, 20wt%, 25-55nm
CNTs N-Butanol Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm TiO2 in Xylene, Rutile, 40wt%, 30nm CuO in NMP, 20wt%, 25-55nm
CNTs NMP Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm TiO2 in Ethanol, Rutie, 15wt%, 30nm-800nm CuO in Mineral Oil, 20wt%, 25-55nm
CNTs Water Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm TiO2 in NMP, Rutile, 15wt%, 30nm-800nm CuO in Ethylene Glycol, 20wt%, 25-55nm
CNTs Ethanol Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm TiO2 in Mineral Oil, Rutile, 15wt%, 30nm-800nm Co3O4 in Water, 20wt%, 15nm
CNTs Isopropanol Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm TiO2 in Water, Anatase, 40wt%, 30-50nm Co3O4 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 15nm
CNTs N-butanol Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm TiO2 in Water, Anatase, 15wt%, 5-15nm Co3O4 in NMP, 20wt%, 15nm
CNTs NMP Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm TiO2 in Water, Anatase, 15wt%, 5-30nm Cr2O3 in Water, 20wt%, 60nm
CNTs Water Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm TiO2 in Water, Anatase, 15wt%, 30-50nm Cr2O3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 60nm
CNTs Ethanol Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm TiO2 in 2-Propanol, Anatase, 20wt%, 15nm La2O3 20wt% Water Dispersion, 18nm
CNTs Isopropanol Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm TiO2 in 1, 2-Propanediol, Anatase, 20wt%, 15nm La2O3 20wt% Ethanol Dispersion, 18nm
CNTs N-butanol Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm TiO2 in Ethylene Glycol, Anatase, 20wt%, 15nm MgO in Water, 20wt%, 50nm
CNTs NMP Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm TiO2 in Xylene, Anatase, 40wt%, 30nm MgO in Ethanol, 20wt%, 50nm
CNTs Super Concentration with 15wt% Dispersion TiO2 in Ethanol, Anatase, 15wt%, 5nm-100nm Mg(OH)2 in Water, 20wt%, 10nm
CNTs Thermal Radiation Coating Dispersion TiO2 in NMP, Anatase, 15wt%, 5nm-100nm Mg(OH)2 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 10nm
CNTs Transparent Static Conductive Dispersion TiO2 in Mineral Oil, Anatase, 15wt%, 5nm-100nm NiO in Water, 20wt%, 18nm
CNTs Graphene Mixed Water Dispersion TiO2 Rutile-Anatase, 40wt% in water, 30nm NiO in Ethanol, 20wt%, 18nm
CNTs Graphene, Carbon Black Mixed Water Dispersion TiO2 Rutile-Anatase, 40wt% in xylene, 30nm Ni2O3 in Water, 20wt%, 80nm
CNTs Graphene, Silicon Mixed Water Dispersion ZnO in Water, 20wt%, 50-80nm Ni2O3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 80nm
CNTs Graphene Silver Mixed Water Dispersion ZnO Nanopowder in Ethanol, 50-80nm, 40wt% Ni(OH)2 in Water, 20wt%, 18nm
SWCNTs PVP Coated ZnO Nanopowder in Butyl Acetate, 50-80nm, 40wt% Ni(OH)2 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 18nm
Short SWCNTs PVP Coated ZnO in Water, 20wt%, 30-40nm Sb2O3 20wt% Water Dispersion, 80-200nm
MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: <7nm ZnO Nanopowder in Ethanol, 30-40nm, 40wt% Sb2O3 20wt% Ethanol Dispersion, 80-200nm
MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: 20-30nm ZnO Nanopowder in Butyl Acetate, 30-40nm, 40wt% SnO2 in Water, 20wt%, 18nm
MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: 50-80nm SiC Beta, 10wt% in Water, 80nm SnO2 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 18nm
Graphitized MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: 10-20nm SiC Beta, 10wt% in Ethanol, 80nm WO3 in Water, 20wt%, 23-65nm
C Fullerenols 100ppm Water Dispersion Si3N4 10wt% in Water, 13-30nm WO3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 23-65nm
C Fullerenols 500ppm Water Dispersion Si3N4 10wt% in Ethanol, 13-30nm Y2O3 in Water, 20wt%, 50nm
C Fullerenols 1000ppm Water Dispersion TiN 5wt% in Water, 20nm Y2O3 in Water, 20wt%, 10nm
C Fullerenols 100ppm Ethanol Dispersion TiN 5wt% in Ethanol, 20nm Y2O3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 10nm
C Fullerenols 500ppm Ethanol Dispersion TiC 10wt% in Water, 40-60nm  ZrO2 in Water ZrO2, 20wt%, 45-55nm
C Fullerenols 1000ppm Ethanol Dispersion TiC 10wt% in Ethanol, 40-60nm  ZrO2 in Ethanol ZrO2, 20wt%, 45-55nm
C Graphene Oxide Single Layer Water Dispersion ZrC 10wt% in Water, 20nm Ag in Water, 2nm, 200ppm, Colorless
C Graphene Research Grade Water Dispersion ZrC 10wt% in Ethanol, 20nm Ag in Water, 2nm, 2,000ppm, Colorless
C Gaphene Nanoplatelets 99.5% Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in Water, alpha, 20wt%, 30nm Ag in Ethanol, 2nm 100-10000ppm Colorless
C Graphene Nanoplatelets 95% Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in Water, alpha, 15wt%, 5nm Ag in Water, 15nm, 1,000ppm, Tawny Color
C Graphene Carbon Nanotubes Mixed Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in Ethanol, alpha, 15wt%, 5nm Ag in Water, 15nm, 5,000ppm, Tawny Color
C Graphene CNTs Carbon Black Mixed Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in NMP, alpha, 15wt%, 5nm Ag in Water, 15nm, 10,000ppm, Tawny Color
Graphene Carbon Black Mixed Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in Water, alpha, 15wt%, 10nm Ag in Water, 15nm, 50,000ppm, Tawny Color
C Graphene CNTs Silicon Mixed Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in Ethanol, alpha, 15wt%, 10nm Ag in Ethanol, 15nm, 500-5000ppm, Tawny Color
C Graphene CNTs Silver Mixed Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in NMP, alpha, 15wt%, 10nm Ag Nanowire, 1000ppm Water Dispersion
C Conductive Carbon Black, 150nm, 35% in water Fe2O3 in Water, gamma, 10wt%, 20nm Ag Nanowire, 1000ppm Ethanol Dispersion
Dispersants for Carbon Nanotube Alcohol Dispersion Fe2O3 in Water, gamma, 15wt%, 5nm Ag 5wt% Water Dispersion, 20-8000nm, Dark Grey
Dispersants for Carbon Nanotube Ester Dispersion Fe2O3 in Ethanol, gamma, 15wt%, 5nm Ag 5wt% Ethanol Dispersion, 20-8000nm, Dark Grey
Dispersants for Carbon Nanotube Water Dispersion Fe2O3 in NMP, gamma, 15wt%, 5nm Ag 5wt% NMP Dispersion, 20-8000nm, Dark Grey
Dispersants for Nanoparticles Aqueous Dispersion Fe2O3 in Water, gamma, 15wt%, 10nm Ag 5wt% Ethylene Glycol Dispersion, 20-8000nm, Purple
Dispersants for Nanoparticles Alcohol Dispersion Fe2O3 in Ethanol, gamma, 15wt%, 10nm Au in Water, 14 nm, 50ppm, Purple Color
Dispersants for Nanoparticles Ester Dispersion Fe2O3 in NMP, gamma, 15wt%, 10nm Au in Water, 14 nm, 100ppm, Purple Color
Lubricant Dispersion Products Fe3O4 in Water, 20wt%, 15-20nm Au in Water, 14 nm, 500ppm, Purple Color
BN in Water, 30wt%, 80nm - 5000nm Fe3O4 in Water, 15wt%, 3nm Au in Water, 14 nm, 1,000ppm, Purple Color
BN in Ethanol, 30wt%, 80nm - 5000nm  Fe3O4 in Ethanol, 15wt%, 3nm Au in Ethanol, 14 nm, 50-100ppm, Purple Color
BN in Ethylene Glycol, 30wt%, 80nm - 5000nm Fe3O4 in NMP, 15wt%, 3nm Pt in Water, 3 nm, 50ppm, Black Color
BN in NMP, 30wt%, 80nm - 5000nm Fe3O4 in Water, 15wt%, 8nm Pt in Water, 3 nm, 100ppm, Black Color
BN in Mineral Oil, 30wt%, 80m - 5000nm Fe3O4 in Ethanol, 15wt%, 8nm Pt in Water, 3 nm, 500ppm, Black Color
MoS2 in Water, 30wt%, 400nm - 6000nm Fe3O4 in NMP, 15wt%, 8nm Pt in Water, 3 nm, 1,000ppm, Black Color
MoS2 in Ethanol, 30wt%, 400nm - 6000nm Fe(OH)3 in Water, 15wt%, 5nm Pt in Ethanol, 3 nm, 50-100ppm, Black Color
MoS2 in Ethylene Glycol, 30wt%, 400nm - 6000nm Fe(OH)3 in Ethanol, 15wt%, 5nm Diamond 5wt%, 3-10nm Water Dispersion
MoS2 in NMP, 30wt%, 400nm - 6000nm Fe(OH)3 in NMP, 15wt%, 5nm Diamond 5wt%, 3-10nm Ethanol Dispersion
MoS2 in Mineral Oil, 30wt%, 400nm - 6000nm Fe(OH)3 in Water, 15wt%, 10nm.................................. Germanium 35nm, 1000ppm Water Dispersion
WS2 in Water, 30wt%, 400nm, 800nm Fe(OH)3 in Ethanol, 15wt%, 10nm Germanium 35nm, 1000ppm Ethanol Dispersion
WS2 in Ethanol, 30wt%, 400nm, 800nm Fe(OH)3 in NMP, 15wt%, 10nm Si Nanoparticles 30-50nm in Water 5wt% Yellow
WS2 in Ethylene Glycol, 30wt%, 400nm, 800nm FeOOH in Water, 20wt%, 50nmx10nm Si Nanoparticles 30-50nm in Ethanol 5wt% Yellow
WS2 in NMP, 30wt%, 400nm, 800nm FeOOH in Ethanol, 20wt%, 50nmx10nm Si Nanoparticles 30-50nm in NMP 5wt% Yellow
WS2 in Mineral Oil, 30wt%, 400nm, 800nm FeOOH in Ethanol, 50wt%, 500nmx100nm Si Nanoparticles 30-50nm in Mineral Oil 5wt% Yellow
Graphite 20wt% Water Dispersion, Dark Mn3O4 in Water, 20wt%, 30nm Si Nanoparticles 30-50nm in Ethylene Glycol 5wt% Yellow
Graphite 20wt% Ethylene Glycol Dispersion, Dark Mn3O4 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 30nm Si Nanoparticles 100nm in Water 5wt% Yellow
Graphite 20wt% Mineral Oil Dispersion, Dark .................. Mn3O4 in Ethylene Glycol, 20wt%, 30nmNi(OH)2 Si Nanoparticles 100nm in Ethanol 5wt% Yellow
US Precious Metal Nanoparticles Dispersion Mn3O4 in NMP, 20wt%, 30nm Si Nanoparticles 100nm in NMP 5wt% Yellow
Pd, Rh, Pt, Ru, Ir, Au in Deionized Water Dispersion Mn2O3 in Water, 20wt%, 30nm Si Nanoparticles 100nm in Mineral Oil 5wt% Yellow
Pd, Rh, Pt, Ru, Ir, Au in Ethanol Dispersion Mn2O3 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 30nm Si Nanoparticles 100nm in Ethylene Glycol 5wt% Yellow
Nanoparticles / Nanopowder Surfactant Mn2O3 in Ethylene Glycol, 20wt%, 30nm Sulphur in Water 10wt%, 47nm, Milky White
Nanoparticles Surfactant for Aqueous   Mn2O3 in NMP, 20wt%, 30nm Sulphur in Ethanol 10wt%, 47nm, Milky White
Nanoparticles Surfactant for Alcohol  MnO2 in Water, 20wt%, 30nm Far-Infrared in Water 40nm, 20wt%, White
Nanoparticles Surfactant for Ester  MnO2 in Ethanol, 20wt%, 30nm    Anion Nanopowder 20wt%, 40nm Water Dispersion
Ethanol NMP Ethylene Glycol Water Propanol Mineral Oil MnO2 in Ethylene Glycol, 20wt%, 30nm Clay 10wt% Water Dispersion, 18nm, Yellow Color
Ethanol NMP Ethylene Glycol Water Propanol Mineral Oil MnO2 in NMP, 20wt%, 30nm........................................ Conductive Carbon Black 150nm 35wt% in water

How to Disperse Nanopowder and Nanoparticles?
How to Disperse Carbon Nanotubes: US4496US4497; US4498?

Note: Nanoparticle dispersions are suspensions of nanoparticles in liquid.  These dispersions can be used as-is, or diluted with suitable (compatible) solvents.  Nanoparticles in dispersions can sometimes settle upon storage, in which case they can be mixed (shaked up) thoroughly before use.

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