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Products Composition (%) A.D.g/cm3 O (%) Particle Shape Particle Size Price ($) Price ($)
Stainless Steel Powder 304 Cr18-20, Ni9-13, Si<1, Mn<0.3, C 0.08 4.2 0.27 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 304L Cr18-20, Ni9-13, Si<1, Mn<0.3, C 0.03 4.2 0.30 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 316 Cr16-18, Ni10-14, Mo2-3, C 0.08 4.2 0.13 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 316L Cr16-18, Ni10-14, Mo2-3, C 0.03 4.2 0.23 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 410L Cr11.5-13.5, C 0.03 4.5 0.118 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 430L Cr16-18, C 0.05 4 0.208 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 420L Cr12-14, C0.35, S0.03, P0.04, Si1, Mn1 4.3 0.18 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 17-4PH Cr16.21, Ni4.46, Cu3.9, Nb0.21, C0.07,Si0.74, Mn0.95 2.95 0.082 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g

Stock#: US5013
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Features: Stainless steel powder metallurgy is one of the main raw material for powder metallurgy, injection molding, 3D printing, diamond tools, carbide, thermal spraying materials and other products industries.

Stainless Steel Powder 304-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 304L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 316-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 316L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 410L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 430L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 420L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 17-4PH SDS

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