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Titanium (Ti) Powder, 99%

$788/1kg - 75um
$488/500g- 75um
$178/100g- 75um
$75/25g- 75um

$788/1kg - 45um
$488/500g- 45um
$178/100g- 45um
$75/25g- 45um

$788/1kg - 30um
$488/500g- 30um
$178/100g- 30um
$75/25g- 30um

$788/1kg - 10um
$488/500g- 10um
$178/100g- 10um
$75/25g- 10um

$888/1kg - 5um
$580/500g- 5um
$198/100g- 5um
$95/25g- 5um

Stock#: US5006
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Features: Titanium powder is dark gray spherical powder and amorphous sponge titanium powder, boiling point ≤3260 oC, melting point 1668 oC +-2 oC, at room temperature insoluble in water and organic solvents. Is a non-magnetic metal, a large magnetic field will not be magnetized and non-toxic, tasteless, and good human tissue and blood compatibility. Sponge titanium powder: Purity: 95-99.4%, and other specifications, a greater intake capacity, high temperature or spark condition flammable. Powder metallurgy, alloy additive; also metal ceramics, surface coating agents, aluminum additives, electric vacuum getter, spraying, plating and other important raw materials.
Main Purpose: Aerospace, ships, weapons, new functional materials, chemicals, petroleum, electric power, light industry, metallurgy, textile, construction, medical, sports and leisure as a reducing agent to prepare flash powder industry.

Titanium Powder / Ti Powder  COA %
Ti Ni Al C Mo Fe Si
99% <0.038 <0.0033 <0.029 <0.002 <0.05 <0.029

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